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The Boys

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For a while I have been working on a personal project to document these boys in their beautiful state of play. They are workers.  They spend countless hours collecting, moving, hammering and stacking various materials.  In their four year old minds rocket ships and rat traps and squirrel houses and remote controlled cars are being constructed.  And they are satisfied when the work is done and their newly configured pile of materials is still just a pile of materials.   It’s an amazing, creative process that I think represents everything childhood should be.  I wanted my images to capture the essence of these fleeting moments of childhood.  The imagination.  The innocence.  The exploration.  I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but I still love these images and the sweet story they tell of three best pals doing what they love.  Some images are shot on the Hasselblad and some are digital.

Feeding the Soul



I am thoroughly enjoying the experiment of learning to shoot on my Hasselblad camera.  It’s amazing how I see everything differently through the waist-level viewfinder and how I compose so differently in the square format.  The process has been slow and personal which is so nurturing for my creative soul.

Hasselblad Film


These were shot on a farm in Paonia, Colorado.  They are from one of the first rolls of film I shot on my old Hasselblad medium format camera. We stopped to spend the night at a lovely little Inn called the Fresh and Wyld on our family road trip to Telluride.  Those two days set the tone for the rest of our trip which was filled with slow nature walks, cozy campfires, reading in the tent and playing in the rain.  Oh the gifts of slowing down…they are endless.


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