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New Beginnings


As I write this post, I am awaiting my baby boy’s arrival any day.  Although I want to meet this little guy more than anything in the world, I am also feeling some sadness about saying goodbye to pregnancy. I honestly feel these have been some of the best months of my life and I know that makes me lucky.  After waiting so long for our second to find his way to us, maybe the experience just felt more tender and sweet.  I don’t think it was a coincidence, that for my last photography session before taking leave, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with this amazing family who reminded me with every frame of the magic of childhood.  I photographed them at their home where the kids spend their days making forts, tending a garden, exploring the land around and letting imaginations run wild.  There couldn’t have been a more perfect close to my days at work and to this pregnancy than this inspiring view of family life. I am so grateful.  Note: To view more images from this beautiful session, take a peek at the gallery.

Feeding the Soul



I am thoroughly enjoying the experiment of learning to shoot on my Hasselblad camera.  It’s amazing how I see everything differently through the waist-level viewfinder and how I compose so differently in the square format.  The process has been slow and personal which is so nurturing for my creative soul.

Story of Boys {Lake Tahoe}



Not too long ago, I had the chance to shoot for several days in Lake Tahoe.  Each family was willing to let me see a true slice of their life and I am so so thankful.  These sessions were so inspiring for me.  New, beautiful, landscapes. Time around fresh water. Jumping off rocks and docks.  Time with new friends who feel like old friends.  Families being connected. What emerged from my time on the lake was a new vision for family photography that involves more storytelling.  More authenticity.  More vulnerability.  These shots of the boys playing in Donner Lake are just so fun.  They make me feel a place deep in my heart that reminds me of the best moments of childhood.  And that is what I want my job to be all about.  Documenting the fleeting moments of childhood.

Hasselblad Film


These were shot on a farm in Paonia, Colorado.  They are from one of the first rolls of film I shot on my old Hasselblad medium format camera. We stopped to spend the night at a lovely little Inn called the Fresh and Wyld on our family road trip to Telluride.  Those two days set the tone for the rest of our trip which was filled with slow nature walks, cozy campfires, reading in the tent and playing in the rain.  Oh the gifts of slowing down…they are endless.






I recently acquired a Hasselblad 500cm and already I’m inspired by the way the camera feels in my hands, the patience it takes to focus and compose, and the awareness of just 12 frames per roll.  There is also something settling about working with a machine that has been on the planet longer than I have.  No batteries required.  These are a few images from my first 3 rolls.




Rainy days.  Liam, 3 1/2. Simple joys of splashing in the torrent of water rushing down the street in his underwear.  These are the moments I hope inform the person he becomes.

Garden Variety


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